Till's Filter Bubble

My favorite things from all over the internet

Top Music Discoveries

  1. Steam Powered Giraffe new

  2. MisterWives

  3. Pentatonix

  4. Larkin Poe

  5. Violet Orlandi

  6. VenusWorld new

  7. The Running Mates new

  8. Versengold new

Top Movies

  1. Interstellar

  2. Garden State

  3. Jungle Book

Top TV Shows

  1. The Big Bang Theory

  2. How I Met Your Mother

  3. Suits

  4. Brooklin Nine-Nine

  5. The Night Manager

  6. Bodyguard

Top Audiobooks

  1. Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling)

  2. The Wandering Inn (pirateaba) new

  3. Memory, Sorrow & Thorn (T. Williams)

  4. Mistborn (B. Sanderson)

  5. Rivers of London (B. Aaronovitch)

Top YouTube Channels

  1. Peter Hollens

  2. Clickspring

  3. Dave Wave

  4. Frog Leap Studios

Top Videogames

  1. Factorio

  2. Horizon Zero Dawn new

  3. Path of Exile

  4. BattleBlock Theater


For all intents and purposes I consider myself to be a digital native. I grew up as the internet just started taking over everything, from how we communicate, to how we work and—of course—how we spend our free time. I discovered countless things while browsing the internet, many of which I have already forgotten again. But I wanted to create a home for all the things that surprised or delighted me the most. That is how this page came to life.

You can follow me on Twitter, where I occasionally post additional things that don't quite make it on these lists. :)